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Acoustic Guitar Loop Pedals « Guitar Loop Pedals
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Acoustic Guitar Loop Pedals

When thinking about guitar loop pedals, you may have only considered using them for your electric guitar. This is a big mistake! You can definitely use them on acoustic guitars too, and make some pretty amazing sounds live.

You can create beautiful melodies and put underlying chords in, and then harmonics over the top, to produce a flurry of music raining down upon your listeners or audience. You may be thinking, “I bet there’s only a select few pedals available for this sort of thing though”, this is entirely untrue. There are as many available to use with the acoustic guitar as there are electric. In fact you can actually use the pedals you use for your electric for your acoustic and vies versa. It won’t affect the quality of sound one bit, there’s pretty much no difference. There may be some people out there that frown upon this idea, but that really doesn’t matter, if you can get one pedal that crosses paths, it saves you money, and doesn’t affect your sound whatsoever.

You can get decent pedals for pretty much every price range with guitar loop pedals, of course if you pay more you will get some extra’s and benefits. But if you want a simple loop pedal, then you won’t be too picky. The, ‘Robert Keeley True Bypass Looper Pedal’, has been known to have good reviews, and for the cheap price has great value. This sort of pedal will be down to personal preference and will have the basic fundamentals of a looping pedal. If you are uncertain, take yourself over to YouTube and type the pedal name into the search bar, see if there are any reviews watch them, and make an educated decision as to whether you like it or not. It’s always handy to note down what you like, and don’t just so that you don’t waste time researching pedals you’ve already looked at, and you can get a list of good and bad products together. This way you give yourself a selection with price and value, and can make the best decision possible.

If you’re budget is a tad higher the, ‘Boss RC3 Loop Station Pedal’, may interest you. Again have a look at reviews and make a decision. It always comes down to personal preference with musical accessories and sounds.

This is much quicker than going into any store to ask for help, plus you get the whole world as your store instead of being restricted to what’s in the shop.



What is Guitar Looping? Where to buy a Guitar Loop Pedal

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